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Professional Competency Reflection: Student Resolution Center(SRC)


After working for couple of months in Apartment Life and going through my master’s program, I tried to discover my professional goal. That time I found that I am inclined to continue my career in residential life in higher education. As I was working in Apartment Life as a graduate assistant, I had the chance to enhance my skills and experiences for my future career. However, when I assessed my professional development need, I discovered that I would be lacking conduct and conflict resolution related experience. Therefore, I contacted Craig Chesson, the director of Conflict Resolution and student Conduct Service. Through that communication, I got chance to work for that department in three different roles, which gave me experience of investigating cases, facilitating workshops and helping student resolution center as an advisory board member.

 The major part of my involvement student resolution center was as a facilitator for the Choices Workshops. This workshop is designed for the students who have been accused for minor conduct issues and required to attend this workshop by the university. There will be a hold on their registration if they do not attend the workshop. Plagiarism in the papers or drinking under age are some of the minor issues we consider, if it is first time at the university. If it is more than once, then it is not a minor issue and students need to go through different procedures. As it is a mandatory session, I have seen lack of energy and interest in the participants. Therefore, it is difficult to engage the students in the workshop. Some students also do not feel comfortable to participate, as they are afraid of exposing their identity or the issue happened by them. Therefore, I explain the confidentiality statement and policy of the department at the beginning.

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